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A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K Hamilton

a kiss of shadows

Title: A Kiss of Shadows

Author: Laurell K Hamilton

Pages: 480 pages

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Ballantine Books; First THUS edition

Published: Feb 2002

ISBN 0-345-42340-2

Buy here: Amazon UK



Meredith Gentry, princess of the high court of Faerie, is posing as a human in Los Angeles, working as a P.I. specialising in supernatural crime. But now the queen’s assassin has been dispatched to fetch her back-whether she likes it or not. Suddenly Meredith finds herself a pawn in her dreaded aunt’s plans. The job that awaits her: enjoy the constant company of the most beautiful immortal men in the world. The reward: the crown – and the opportunity to continue to live. The penalty for failure: death.



—Warning: This book contains lot of sexual scenes—

This book revolves around the story of Meredith (Merry), Princess in the Unseelie court of Fey. It starts off in L.A. California, where Merry currently works as a P.I. for Grey’s Detective Agency. The book starts off with an interesting case that has come in, which Merry involves herself in, however this case hits slightly too close to home for Merry, and just like that she is swept right back into the political madness she left 3 years ago. However now she has no choice but to return home and possibly face execution. However the Queen of Air and Darkness (Andais) who is also Merry’s Aunt  may have a surprise in store for her, and the rest of the court, when she returns.

I really enjoyed this book, it possibly started off a bit slow, however it then gets to the point where you don’t want to put the book down. I really enjoyed all the plot twists and enjoyed the Merry didn’t seem too overpowered and actually had some weaknesses. Also by the middle of the book a lot of back story is explained which lets you appreciate the book more. The book also leaves enough open and hints at stories that have yet to be told, that make you want to carry on reading.

Another main point that has been made about this book is the amount of sexual situations present, granted this book does contain more than the average, however i don’t think this necessarily impairs the storyline as it is integrated in, in such as way that it fits with the story.

Overall i would definitely recommend this book to people who enjoy the faerie genre, also fans of Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, though in my opinion i prefer the Merry Gentry series. It will be staying on my shelf for a long time yet 🙂



“Everyone wants to grow up to be a faerie princess.Trust me. It’s Overrated.”


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~Little note, by now some of you may realise that most of the books i’m reviewing are getting 4 or 5 stars, this is due to the fact that i purposefully picked books that i enjoy to start off reviewing with, once these 20 are over, this high rating may not always be the case.~

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