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Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill

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Title: Some Girls Bite

Author: Chloe Neill

Pages: 341 

Format: Paperback

Publisher: New American Library

Published: 07 April 2009

ISBN 0-4512-2625-9

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some girls bite



Sure, the life of a graduate student wasn’t exactly glamorous, but it was mine. I was doing fine until Chicago’s vampires announced their existence to the world – and then a rogue vampire attacked me. But he only got a sip before he was scared away by another bloodsucker . . . one who decided the best way to save my life was to make me the walking undead.

Turns out my saviour was the master vampire of Cadogan House. Now I’ve traded sweating over my dissertation for learning to fit in at a Hyde Park mansion full of vamps loyal to Ethan ‘Lord o’ the Manor’ Sullivan. Of course, as a tall, green-eyed, four hundred year old vampire, he has centuries’ worth of charm, but unfortunately he also seems to expect my eternal gratitude – and servitude. Right . . .

But my burgeoning powers (all of a sudden, I’m surprisingly handy with some serious weaponry), an inconvenient sunlight allergy, and Ethan’s attitude are the least of my concerns. Someone’s still out to get me. Is it the rogue vampire who bit me? A vamp from a rival House? An angry mob bearing torches?

My initiation into Chicago’s nightlife may be the first skirmish in a war… and there will be blood.



First of all i’ll start off by saying i love this series, Merit is one of my all time favourite characters 🙂 After i finished this book i started on the second straight away, so i’ll try and keep this review to just the first book.

Merit is the daughter of a big-shot Chicago real estate guy, he puts money first, even before family. She’s a 27 year old grad student living with her best friend Mallory, unfortunately one night for her, a vamp (they’ve just revealed themselves to the world) decides she would make a tasty snack and is attacked whilst walking back from campus. Luckily for her however (or not so luckily as she would put it) Ethan Sullivan jumps in and saves her, also making her one of his vampires. He has a big house and is really old. Bit more to it than that, but if you read it you’ll find out more. Lots of stuff happens, vamps get all territorial, people show up dead, they get kicked out a bar, it’s all good 🙂

Again i’ll say i really like this series, Merit is a great character, i love her quirks and her and Mallory’s relationship. Plus there’s all the sexual tension with Ethan and then there’s Morgan and Chaser, sigh, lots of men, my kind of book 😉 Really though, the plot is surprisingly captivating and you find yourself lost in the book, some things you can see are going to happen, however you do get moments of shock where you didn’t see it coming. There’s action, romance, fantasy (with vampire’s its not that hard) and even some politics. I am a fan of vampire books, however this would be one that i would recommend highly to anyone, because it’s not just a vampire book. There is so much more to it than that. If you get a chance, i’d highly recommend this series.



“I’d prefer to see both knees on the ground. I mean, if you’re going to grovel, be the best groveler you can, right?”


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