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Endless by Amanda Gray

book review

Title: Endless

Author: Amanda Gray

Pages: 384

Format: e-book

Publisher: Month9Books

Published: 8th October 2013 (TOMORROW!!!)

ISBN 098834095X

Buy here : Amazon USA




Jenny knows she’s different. After all, she sees the past lives of people she touches. But when Nikolai, the mysterious boy she painted, shows up claiming to be a love from a past life, Jenny is forced to accept that he has traveled through time to find her. Now, Jenny and Nikolai must fight against the Order, an ominous organization tasked with keeping people in the correct time. The Order is determined to send Nikolai back. And fighting them could tear Jenny and Nikolai apart — this time for eternity.



I still can’t stop thinking about this book, i’m hoping there’s another because it was definitely left on a bit of a cliffhanger.

The story is about a girl called Jenny, her one and only friend asked her along to a ‘party’ being held by another girl and she agree’s to go. Things start getting weird when the Ouija board comes out and soon Jenny’s world has become even stranger than it was originally and adds to the burden she already has to carry. When she wakes up one day to find the same mysterious figure from her dreams added to all her paintings she starts to question what she really knows and thinks the impossible.

I don’t want to give away too much but this story is extremely captivating and once you start reading and learning about the world and situation Jenny is in, you don’t want to stop until the end. The cast of characters work well with each other, the moody Ben, the mysterious Nikolai and the friendly Tiffany as well as many more characters that make Jenny question almost everything she has known her entire life.

A very addicting read, would recommend for everybody 🙂



“ “We won’t be trespassing,” she said. “There’s not even a fence or anything”. 

He pointed to a tree just beyond her head, an orange sign with the words NO TRESPASSING nailed to its trunk.”


My Rating:



Next Book:

 Legend by Marie Lu


Thanks for reading,


I received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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