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The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

I’m hopefully uploading my ‘The Iron Traitor’ review sometime next week, so in the meantime i thought i’d let you all know how i found The Lost Prince!

The Lost Prince takes place many, many years after The Iron Fey series, there are appearances from the characters in that series if anyone is interested. Ethan Chase is a 17 year old boy who keeps getting in trouble due to the fey’s mischief. He’s had to switch schools again because he was blamed for burning down the library at the last one. It wasn’t him, a bunch of fey chasing him thought they could ‘smoke him out’. Nevertheless, he has a ‘bad boy’ reputation and people at the new school have already heard of him. The Fey always give him trouble once they see him and his family have to keep moving around, they never see big sister “Meghan” anymore now she’s so involved in the faerie world. However something starts happening to the exiled fey around him and when a halfling comes to him for help, he’s sorted of forced into helping. Now will he be able to get back out before the land of the fey draws him back in?

I really enjoyed reading this book, i was a big fan of the original series and am glad that Julie decided to do a ‘spin off’ series based on Ethan. He’s grown up quite a lot from the first books but he’s very enjoyable and interesting. You can see why most other people steer clear of him and why he gives off his attitude, the book is a great way for those that enjoyed the first books to carry on with the story. I really like the idea behind the plot and the “Forgotten Fey” and the reasoning as to why it’s all happening. Kenzie is cool as well, very enjoyable as a character in her own right, even without Ethan. I know many people didn’t like Kierron, but i thought that he was a very welcome addition to the book and his personality was very cleverly thought through. Without giving away any spoilers, there’s some interesting information about the characters from the first books that you should find out just over halfway through 🙂 Very enjoyable read, it’s recommended that you read the original series first as their are some references that make more sense if you have, however you should be able to understand most of it without reading The Iron Fey series 🙂


“No one ever leaves the Nevernever completely sane.”

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