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The Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa


First of all, if you don’t like cliffhangers you’re going to hate the ending of this book. Aside from that Kagawa has been able to transport us back to the magical world that Ethan is “unfortunately” able to see. The book follows pretty much straight from the ending of The Lost Prince and shows the reactions of the people around Ethan and Kenzie about them disappearing without letting anyone know. They both try and settle back into normal life, however it seems that the Nevernever has other plans for these two humans and quite quickly into the book more fey drama ensues. Both Kierran and Annwyl are featured in this book, with less of a mention of Meghan and Ash to those who enjoyed the first series. Without giving too much away, Kierran goes missing very early on in the books and a concerned Meghan comes to talk to Ethan about where he may be. This sparks an adventure that will have dire consequences to the lives of everyone involved as well as to the land of fey and the courts.

Kagawa has been able to continue her outstanding work with this new addition to the series and the plot flows as seamlessly and effortlessly as it has done in previous novels. Ethan seems more relatable in this book than the last and i’m growing less fond of Kierran as time goes by (but i’ll always have a soft spot for him) and the supporting characters all play there roles well as well as additional information being revealed. You potentially find out why Meghan and the rest of the Fey were so keen to keep Ethan and Kierran apart, (it’s never confirmed if what is revealed is indeed why they were so cautious) and it’s very surprising. Parts of this novel are potentially more ‘dark’ than the previous however nothing too alarming and it is still ok for younger readers. Though maybe not too young. If you enjoyed The Lost Prince or any of Kagawa’s previous works. Or if you enjoy reading stories about faeries, i would HIGHLY recommend checking out this book!


A quote will not be included as i read an unfinished copy of the book and there my quote may have been changed in the finished version.

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