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The Dream Slayer Blitz by Jill Cooper

Today i have a series blitz for you in order to celebrate the release of the a new book to the series, Dawning Apocalypse!




Look at the pretty covers!! I actually love these covers and they will definitely make me check out the books ūüôā


Dream Slayer

When your dreams come true, sometimes you get more than you bargained for…

Natalie Johnson has always dreamed she’s someone else; calm, beautiful, in control. A chosen warrior with a maniacal arch nemesis and a dreamy boyfriend, the type that can make your knees melt and your heart quiver.

Real life is much different. She’s tormented by a bully and endures the sharp tongue of her father, but finds solace in her dreams.

When her bully ends up dead, de ja vu from a dream hits her hard as everything around her begins to fall apart. Whatever killed Sarah in her dreams is now in reality, hunting her from the shadows. And it wants her dead.

Somehow as the lines between reality and nightmare blur, Natalie must discover hidden strength to pull her friends and family back from the brink of madness.

Demon Royale

Since becoming employed¬†by a supernatural protection agency, Natalie Johnson’s life has been¬†more interesting than ever. While most¬†teens are working on their summer¬†tans, Natalie works on slaughtering the undead lurking just outside her¬†town’s borders.

The workload takes more than just a toll on her¬†love life, it dampens her spirit and her health, as the town is plagued¬†by a mysterious¬†murderer intent on stealing the residents’ souls.¬†Natalie’s investigation is hampered by her declining health and the¬†sicker she gets, the¬†more inadequate she feels.

Guilt over her¬†inability to act, weighs heavily on Natalie’s shoulders during a time¬†when her strength is needed more than ever. As some¬†of those closest to¬†her begin to lose faith, she must make the hardest stand yet to save the¬†soul of the one person she can always count¬†on:

The Slayer.

Dawning Apocalypse 

Protection, murder, deception….

No¬†one can know Natalie works for a supernatural protection agency and is¬†charged with protecting Meadow‚Äôs Creek from vampires.¬†But as their¬†numbers swell, their presence doesn’t go unnoticed throwing her town¬†under the microscope from the local government and¬†the FBI.

Natalie’s job is pushed even further into the shadows where she must dodge the police, concerned citizens and even her own parents.

Meanwhile a deadly plague grips the town and Natalie suspects it’s more than just a hacking cough. While the stress of working overtime erodes her relationships she will race against time, illness, to face a familiar enemy, save an old friend, and stop an undead seize that wants nothing more than to suck Meadow’s Creek dry.

Included are buy links for Dawning Apocalypse: Amazon | iTunes | B&N


About the Author:


Author of the YA Dream Slayer series, Jill loves to blend horror, comedy, the supernatural, and love, through her novels. A fan of genre blending, her work strives to cross boundries, but most of all strives to entertain.

She loves soft cuddly cats, warm blankets, and paranormal romances.

Jill resides in Massachusetts, is constantly renovating her home that she shares with her husband, young daughter, and two skittish cats.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Now this is something you don’t want to miss, i’m giving away an ebook copy of Dream Slayer AND Demon Royale to One Winner, open internationally!

Just apply through the form before, must be 13 years old or older and must reply to the winning email within 48 hours!

The Prizes will be sent out after 18th November!

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