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Insurgent by Veronica Roth

So in preparation for my Allegiant review i thought i’d also do a review of Insurgent, mainly for me to remember what happens before!

-If you have not read Divergent do not read this review as it may contain spoilers from the first book!-

Obviously this book had something pretty special to live up to as Divergent was amazing (in my opinion) and i do believe it followed it well!

This book starts off where Divergent ended with Tris and Four on the train getting away from the mess they’ve left behind, heading towards the Amity headquarters. When the arrive they are greeted by Johanna, the representative for Amity (but not there leader as they don’t have an official leader) she lays down the rules, especially for those from Dauntless and then goes about her day doing Amity things. Lots of stuff happens, lots of things to do with Erudite and the transmitters and i’m not going to give anything away, which could be done easily so i’ll stop talking here.

If you were a fan of Divergent, Insurgent should not let you down, the same characters were mentioned and people have to start to deal with what happened in the previous book, Tris especially! There isn’t all the training and as much laughter and fun as in the previous book but that’s due to the seriousness of the current ‘political climate’ and the war that is pretty much brewing. The book has a slightly darker feel to it than divergent, however this becomes to be expected and does not at all put a dampener on the series. I still love Tris and Four, they’ve got to be some of my favourite characters ever and Uriah and his friends are also mentioned and feature in part of the book, which is good because i was a fan of him as well! You learn more about some of the secrets the characters hold and just learn a bit more about them in general. If you were a fan of the original book then i would strongly suggest reading this (if you haven’t already) and if your a fan of the dystopian genre, your collection is not complete until you read this series!

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