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Wither by Lauren DeStefano

I now understand why i keep seeing this book around everywhere, it’s awesome!

The story starts off explaining the strange world Rhine lives in, humans have been genetically modified and cancer is no longer a problem. However due to these modifications everyone born will die at 20 if female and 25 if male. That is apart from the 1st generation, they were the first ones born into this modified world and had none of the issues that have been occurring ever since. Rhine and Rowan (her twin) ‘s parents were both 1st generation and where around to bring them up. Unlike many of the orphaned children that now try and break into their home, to find a place to sleep or something to eat. Rhine and Rowan (both 16) have measures in place to make sure they’re kept safe, one of them always stays on watch during the night, making sure no intruders ransack what they have. However as the start of the novel begins, you realise Rhine is no longer in the world she knew, she has been taken by The Gatherers, these are men that pick women off the streets to be sold into brothels, or sold as brides. Brides are women wealthy men have purchased and marry with the intent of having as many children as possible before death hits. These children are almost always experimented on in the name of science to try and understand this curse more. What will happen to Rhine now she is separated from her brother?

This book blew me away, the plot idea is something relevant and so captivating, the whole idea about what could happen when DNA is mutated and ‘played’ with in order to try and improve the human race. I’ve studied a fair amount of biology and biological chemistry and it’s always interesting to see peoples views on where we could potentially end up. Rhine and the rest of the characters were so intriguing as well, Rhine particularly just draws you in. You can understand the emotions she’s feeling throughout the book and i feel i would do similar things in her situation. I love her ‘sister-wives’ Cecily and Jenna, they all have such different personalities and specialised traits that it’s hard to believe they were all picked on just looks alone. Like Cecily’s musical prowess for example. Linden as well is a very interesting character, his love for Rose and fondness for his new wives as well as his overall aloofness over the whole situation about what it really happening. The clock ticking is also very present in this book and reminds Rhine about how much time she actually has left, from Rose to others, this is not something pleasant to remember.

I would highly recommend this book to any YA fans or anyone who likes dystopian novels!

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