Book Reviews

Unintentional Virgin by A.J. Bennett

You may remember me taking part in the Blitz of this book a couple of days ago – here. But i was really intrigued by the book so decided to buy it to see how i felt about it and i’ve got to say, it was definitely a fun read.

The book starts off by introducing you to Karma, she seems a bit spoiled and definitely a ‘daddy’s girl’ that doesn’t seem to have much ambition and is perfectly happy to let her father take care of her. Thankfully throughout the book you come to realise that this isn’t the real Karma and her reasons for behaving this way at the beginning. Her friend Eva comes over and Karma accidentally reveals that she’s a virgin, but not by choice and lets her friend know some of the hilarious situations that have lead her to maintain her virginity. They decide to go out to a club and Karma does not forget to notice the smokin’ bouncer at the door, however once inside she is determined to complete her mission and starts to look out for ‘the right guy’, unluckily for her only guy she seems interested strikes her down before she can say anything. Granted he has just lost his fiancee so that’s at least a bit more understandable. She starts to think she has no hope and is about to leave when she spots the bouncer from earlier serving drinks at the bar, Jax is more than happy to see her come over and before she knows it, they’re in the back room making out and then they’re off, back to his place. However as soon as Jax realises Karma’s predicament he stops and offers her a choice, to spend 3 weeks with him and then have sex at the end, or to walk away. Karma is pretty annoyed about his stopping however does not want to pass this opportunity up so agrees. What will happen in the three weeks that follow? Will either of them regret the decision or will it end up saving them both.

The story is told in the PoV of both Karma and Jax which is enjoyable. You get to really see their personalities and how the other appears on the outside as well as the inside. The plot as well is slightly funny and possibly even one others can relate to. You can also see themes of what effects emotional abuse can do to a child and how they perceive themselves later in life. Karma’s mother is a model and has always put her down, this has affected her greatly and is a constant topic for Karma and her therapist to talk about. The characters were incredibly easy to relate to and you could see the motivations that drove each decision they made.

In all, if you’re looking for a fun and easy book to read then this can definitely be quite enjoyable!

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