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Freak of Nature by Julia Crane

Freak of Nature starts by following Kaitlyn is not your normal teenage girl, in fact she’s not really even human anymore. When she ticked the box on her drivers license saying that she would donate her body to medical science, i doubt she expected what was going to happen to her. She is now a cyborg, a science project to adapt the human body to have robot like reflexes. However Kaitlyn has a secret, whilst she can’t remember her past and how she got there, she still has human emotions, even after the scientists working on here have updated her to get rid of them. She still feels and doesn’t quite understand what has happened. All she knows is that she can’t let anyone know, last time she did they took away more of her humanity. So everyday she sits and pretends to be nothing apart from the machine she is.

Lucas is a programmer working with Kaitlyn, he feels guilty for what they’ve done, even though the work is remarkable.  The only thing that gets him through is that Kaitlyn doesn’t know what’s happening and doesn’t care due to her robotic state. He know about her past life and what she did to end up in the institute and wants to know the real Kaitlyn, even though the chance of that happening now is next to nothing.

The plot is so original and very captivating to watch unfold and i couldn’t put the book down from start to end. I really enjoyed the characters and the development of Kaitlyn from the start of the book to the end! I really liked Lucas as well and Quess was a loveable character. There have been a few reviews commenting on the lack of emotion in this book, and whilst that may seem to be the case, it fits in with the book so well and makes sense with the storyline. It would have confused me more is there had been too much emotion, due to Kaitlyn’s robotic nature!

In all if you like kind of Sci-Fi books with robots and experimentation, i would definitely recommend this for you!

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