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Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall

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Her Mad Hatter starts off by introducing Danika, a fairy Godmother to the low-lifes that no one else wants. She didn’t want to deal with whining princesses or the slimy godmothers, she opted to go to her boys and she is much happier.

She has just been told that she only has a year to find her favourite group, the bad five, their soul mates or else bad things will happen and all hell will break loose. She knows the names of the girls to bring, due to the story’s that have been told, Wolf with Red, Hatter with Alice etc. This story focus’s on one of her favourite’s within the group, The Mad Hatter.

Hatter has met lots and lots of Alice’s over the years, with Danika bringing them into wonderland in hope that they are the one. None of the Alice’s have stayed and this has caused the Hatter to slowly sink into insanity slightly more as each have left. One left the most damage, an Alice Hu a few years ago, he believed they were in love, but she was just greedy and mean. Hatter has never been the same since her.

Alice Hu, (a different Alice Hu) runs The Mad Hatter’s Cupcakery and Tea Shoppe, she has never forgotten about the Hatter that she believes she met in childhood, however as everyone thought her insane she learnt quite quickly to be quiet about him. She is a giant fan of the Alice in Wonderland movies though and her house is filled with trinkets and clocks with the faces of Johnny Depp and the Cheshire Cat.

Danika has been told that this is the right Alice, however this Alice is the granddaughter of the original Alice Hu that broke Hatter’s heart and they look nearly identical. To get Hatter to look past her exterior is going to be tricky. She leaves Alice a card that has a White Rabbit saying rub me, and tells her she doesn’t have much time.

Will Hatter be able to get past her exterior and see the girl he is meant to love? Will Alice stay in Wonderland after the 3 days allowed? Will they trust each other enough to say the secrets that are bubbling beneath the surface?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it took me a little while to get into, i’m not sure about the writing style at the beginning but by the middle i was engrossed and happy to continue reading. The plot idea is also fabulous, i love the idea that Danika will go about finding their soul mates and i’m guessing there will be 5 books in total. One for each. I really enjoyed the character development of Alice and Hatter as well as you could see parts of their past and what it is that makes them be who they are. Alice’s incident in childhood had scarred her and it has definitely lead to who she is today and why she named her business what it is. The Hatter is sinking more and more into madness because of the other Alice’s and this has an effect on his beginning relationship with this Alice. I originally picked this up because i love fairy tale retellings, and i loved the cover. I mean it’s so pretty and yummy ;), but i am very happy with the book that was inside the packaging and would recommend it for anyone who loves Alice in Wonderland stories or fairy tale retellings in general with a slightly more Adult theme. There is a constant reference to sex within the book so please don’t read unless you are comfortable with these themes.

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