End of the Year 2013 Read-a-thon!

So i enjoyed the Dreamy December Days Read-a-thon so much that i decided to sign up for another, almost straight after! This is the End of Year 2013 Read-a-thon hosted by Juliababyjen’s Reading Room and Dana Square to try and help you chisel away at your TBR pile until the end of the year. It runs from the 9th December till the 22nd and the aims are:

Why should you participate?
1. To chisel off some of your TBR pile.
2. Do all the fun challenges and win some prizes.
3. Encourage others to read like a speed demon (and yourself) + reading with others is loads of fun.
Instead of posting goals for this read-a-thon i’m going to say that i’m aiming to read as many books possible till December 22nd. I have written all my TBR books onto scraps of paper and put them into a jar and when i finish one book i’ll pick out the next!
I also have some books for tours and that are being archived on Netgalley that i need to finish within this timeframe, these are:
Lichgates by S.M. Boyce
Adrenaline Rush by Cindy M. Hogan
Bold Tricks by Karina Halle
Cursed by Lizzy Ford
After Eden by Helen Douglas
Crash into You by Katie McGarry
Escaping Reality by Lisa Renee Jones
So wish me luck! Hope your Read-a-thons go along nicely 🙂
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