Book Reviews

Broken Beauty by Lizzy Ford

Broken Beauty deals with the issue of rape and how politics can play a part in the attitude after it has occurred. The story starts by following a girl called Mia who has just been raped and is found by the police. The story that follows deals with her reactions and how her father pressures her to act (he is running for office and it is election year) also the way her then uses her to further his own political campaign. Lies that he has told her over the course of her life also come to light and it is not a novel for the faint of heart.

I enjoyed this novella and definitely want to read more in the series to find out what eventually happens to Mia. The story deals with the sensitive issues quite well and it is nice to see this done in a way that doesn’t necessarily cover up all the gristly details. I don’t want to say much more about the novel as it is short and anything else said could lead to spoilers.

I would recommend this novella to those that want to read more novels with real issues in and the consequences they have on the victims.

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