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Selling Scarlett by Ella James

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Selling Scarlett follows Elizabeth DeVille and what she will do to help a friend in trouble. The story starts by introducing Elizabeth and her friends Suri and Cross as well as the other main character Hunter West. Elizabeth has been infatuated with Hunter since she can remember, so when she stumbles into his room at his party, you can hardly blame her for climbing into his bed, even though she didn’t know it was his. However after the party and after an argument, Cross is seriously injured on his motorbike and lays comatose in hospital. When his parents decide to move him and stop paying for his treatment his condition takes a turn for the worse and Elizabeth realises there is a way she can help her friend and possibly help herself. She’s a virgin and has found a way to sell her virginity at a brothel in Vegas, to try and get some money to help cross as well as deal with her “problem” (just to say, i do not see this as a problem and no one else should, however i am just conveying the views of the character from the book). The brothel is owned by Hunters best friend, however Elizabeth has been told that she will have no contact with the owner so she plans on not letting him find out. Alot of other things happen during the novel, with Hunter being blackmailed, the kidnapping of a prostitute and many more illegal activities that make the book that bit more interesting to read.

I really like Elizabeth as a character, she’s willing to go to all lengths to help her friends and seems like a genuinely nice person, however has her problems as well. Hunter grew on me quicker as his character seemed slightly more well rounded and you could understand some of the reasons behind what he was doing. Overall the plot was enjoyable and it’s definitely something i’d recommend to those that are comfortable with sexual situations in books and fans of the romance genre as well as those that like mysteries (albeit easy to solve mysteries).

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2 thoughts on “Selling Scarlett by Ella James

  1. If only I am not swamped with so many books right now, I think I would’ve picked up this one. Likeable characters + bad boy lead + enjoyable plot are already enough to sell me on a book.

    Great review, Sanna. And thanks for stopping by Thoughts and Pens.

    1. Haha i enjoyed it 🙂 and for free i couldn’t resist! 🙂 No problem i love your site! Thanks for stopping back here 🙂

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