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The Moth in the Mirror by A.G. Howard

Do not read if you have not read Splintered, it will be a highly confusing read and it will spoil a few things for Splintered.

The Moth in the Mirror starts and ends with Morpheus, however really shows you Jeb’s perception of wonderland in the times he is left alone by Alyssa. Morpheus has gotten hold of Jeb’s memories of Wonderland and wants to examine them in order to find his weaknesses so he can crush him and have Alyssa all to himself. However what he see’s may not be what he expects and what will he think of Jeb once the memories are revealed?

Splintered has to be one of my favourite books that i’ve read so far this year! The way in which the classic tale is twisted and turned into something unlike it was before is fantastic to see and A.G. Howard did an amazing job. I really enjoyed The Moth in the Mirror as something to keep me going as we wait for Unhinged as well as a sight into Jeb’s and Morpheus’ minds. They were both so captivating in the first book so i definitely enjoyed seeing a little of what they did and seeing how they thought at times.

If you loved Splintered then i’d definitely recommend reading this for the insight as well as to help with the wait for Unhinged!

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