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Becoming Alpha by Aileen Erin

Tessa is not a normal girl, if she touches another person or object she has visions about what has happened in the past. Her family know, her friends know, her whole school knows about it because she’s grown up with them. However now her and her family are moving across the country and Tessa is glad for the change. People at school ‘bully’ her in the way that they force her to see their memories and call her freak. Before she gets to the new house a strange thing happens, she touches some letters and is transported across the country into watching a conversation. One that is happening at exactly the same time, what is happening to her? When she arrives at the new house, she remembers Dastien from her strange vision. She seems strangely drawn to him as well, but is warned to stay away from all students and staff of St Ailbe’s Academy. Her new school even seems to be wary of them and seems to shun them for no reason. Will she be able to stay away? Especially with her inexplicable attraction to Dastien.

I loved this book! It drew me in from the first page and then I was gone. The cover definitely attracted me to the book in the first place, however i stayed for the captivating plot and storyline.

I really really liked Tessa as a character, i can understand almost all of her reactions to certain situations and would hope i would do similar things. I also really liked Dastien, he was missing for a part of the book and you could definitely feel the absence of his presence. The world within our world that Aileen has created is wonderful and as a fan of the genre i am very happy with the work she has produced. Werewolves have always been fascinating, however in a lot of books i have read they have been over sexualised and seen as basically pets. The werewolves here are controlled however, are able to defend themselves and don’t cower away from threatening situations. I also liked the different conflicts happening within the book, with Tessa and Dastien,  Werewolves and Vampires and a whole bunch of others that i don’t want to spoil for you! This book is an incredibly easy read and i cannot wait to get my hands on the second in the series! This is a must read for fans of werewolf/shifter books 🙂

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