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I Heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk

I only realised after i finished the story that this book belongs in a series and as such my rating is probably affected due to a lack of previous knowledge about the characters.

I Heart Christmas is a novel that follows Angela through her Christmas period as a Brit in New York. She has taken time off work and wants to have the perfect Christmas for her and her new husband (Alex), complete with lots of one-on-one time, however life seems to be getting in the way. With problems at the magazine, family and friend troubles as well as a new surprise will Angela be able to have her perfect Christmas? Or will the best Christmas be different to the one she originally planned?

I do feel that i would have enjoyed the novel better being introduced to all the characters through the previous books, however it is definitely still perfectly understandable to be read as a one off novel. Angela was a fun character to read however i wasn’t as keen on the secondary characters and felt like they should have seen all the stress that she was under instead of making it more about their own problems. However, especially at Christmas time, family does come first and Angela seemed to ignore her friends needs a bit in order to excel in herself which may have come across to them as a little harsh. The plot was lots of fun and as a brit i enjoyed all the british foods and christmas traditions mentioned in the book. I did enjoy the book and finished it within a sitting, however without knowing the backstory to the characters i didn’t feel like i connected with them as much as i maybe should have and will definitely be willing to give this novel another go after reading the previous 5 books. It definitely a light-hearted fun Christmas read! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “I Heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk

  1. I just did the same thing! I picked up a book thinking that it was just book 3 in a series of stand alone mysteries. It turns out this is book 3 in a trilogy. Oh well. It is still enjoyable. 🙂

    1. I’ve done this a couple too many times so i should really learn to keep a better track of books, however i saw Christmas and couldn’t help myself. Which book did you choose?

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