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Thirst by Claire Farrell

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Thist was an interesting read, it follows a girl called Ava who is a human/vampire hybrid. She has lived her life as far apart from both the human and vampire worlds as she can as she does not want to cause anyone any harm. However when she saves a human from being fed on by a vampire in an alley, she unwittingly draws attention to herself and now the vampires seem to want her. For what? Well that is quite the question, however Ava seems more preoccupied by the human that seems to have become her slave and become incapable of caring for itself. When he offers her his neck Ava it’s the last straw, she knows something must be done, but what? For someone so removed from society, society is exactly what she needs to help solve her problem.

I enjoyed reading Thirst and Ava was definitely an interesting character, she still had all her human morals but had the thirst only blood could sate. I really admired her effort to stay away from harming people and turning into the mindless killer that could have occurred, especially with the way she was treated as a child. Her slight OCD with numbers seems to help control the urge and you’ll notice throughout the book the numbers that she deems ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’. I also enjoyed reading about Carl and Peter and Eddie (though something is definitely going on with Eddie) and the ways in which they interact with Ava and, mostly, make her life more difficult by trying to help. The plot was definitely different to what i first envisioned however it was lots of fun and i really enjoyed the little ‘quests’ that the team seemed to have to go on to try and sort out the mess they were in. If your a fan of Vampire books i’d definitely give this a try, especially due to the low price and gorgeous cover! 🙂

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