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Acid by Emma Pass

Jenna Strong killed her parents and was sent to a high-security prison as the only girl inmate. This obviously led to some issues with the other inmates beating her up and emotional battery and for the first few months, Jenna is a wreck. However she soon starts to learn how to defend and stand up for herself and you start off the novel with her being a kick-ass female and you feel like you may actually see some real action. However as soon as that starts it stops and Jenna is taken away from the prison through a mysterious group of people. However her escape didn’t come without complications and her doctor (and rescuer) was shot and killed during her escape. Soon she is blamed and the charges against her keep piling up until she realises that the truth may be being stretched. Who are these people that got her out? And more importantly, what do they want in return?

ACID has complete control over Britain, they have ruled with an iron fist and kept Britain separate from other declining countries. The old government was corrupt and greedy and led to it’s own downfall, right? That is what everyone is brought up to believe and when people start rebelling it is stopped quickly and silently. Will anyone be able to break the hold of ACID, what are the actually doing behind closed doors?

I really enjoyed this novel, it’s interesting to see a dystopia based solely in one country and the idea that the rest of the world may be operating normally, however i wish we could have seen more of what the outside world was like. But i guess the whole point of the novel was isolation from other countries. I really liked Jenna as a character, she seems strong and not completely stupid (though sometimes i do questions some of her actions). The things that she has to go through to reach the end are heart-breaking and i’m happy she was able to stand up and move forward even in some tough situations. I did wish that we were given some information a bit earlier as more and more plot holes seemed to develop whilst you were still waiting for previous holes to be filled. That being said, the suspense of not knowing everything made me pause and caught my breath in a couple of situations.  I really enjoyed Emma’s writing style however and will definitely be reading more of her books when released. This is a great UKYA release and any Dystopian or YA fans should definitely give it a try! It’s definitely a bit different from what i’ve read before!

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