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Insanity by Cameron Jace

Oh Alice in Wonderland retellings, i do love you. This book is no different, actually it may be slightly more insane than most. 🙂

Alice Wonder is stuck in an insane asylum after killing everyone in her class (makes sense), she spends her days either having electroshock therapy or talking to her potted plant. She feels sorry for her plant because it doesn’t get enough sunlight. Poor plant. And poor Alice, she’s been shocked so many times she can only remember up to about last week and then it goes blank. She can’t remember why she killed those people, or how, or all of this wonderland nonsense the whole asylum seems to be buzzing with. However while she’s been in the asylum, a serial killer has been slaughtering people and stitching their faces up so that they have a permanent grin. They call him The Cheshire Cat Killer. Alice is warned by another inmate, a hookah smoking professor (another serial killer) that she needs to stop him and prevent the rest of the Wonderland monsters from being released. He believes her to be the real Alice and she can therefore be the only one capable of stopping Cheshire and his gang. However The White Queen isn’t so sure as to her identity and makes her question is she is the real Alice or not, or if it even matters? Especially with Constance’s life potentially on the line!

I really enjoyed the insanity of this book and felt that the writing style even accompanied this into how the book was read and perceived. I love stories with serial killers and the fact that we had at the very least three made for an interesting, if not slightly weird read. Alice and The Professor PoV’s were shown and it was very interesting to see how differently their minds worked in order to get the same thing. Also all the prison staff were hilarious and scared of half the inmates. That plus Cheshire’s tasks and the mystery about Jack Diamond makes this a book that you can’t put down and need to keep reading till the end. The book can get a bit crazy and wacky and weird, but that’s exactly what you want from an Alice retelling and it was so much fun to read. I would recommend this book to any fans of Alice in Wonderland retellings, those that like books with serial killers and just anyone that wants a fun enjoyable read!

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2 thoughts on “Insanity by Cameron Jace

    1. I really enjoyed it and it was definitely a different Alice read to those i had read before, it was wacky and crazy and i love it! If you do get around to reading it i hope you enjoy it!

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