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Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

This novel was completely different to how i originally thought it would go, however not necessarily in a bad way!

Cas is a 17 year old high school student that hunts down murderous ghosts with an athame knife, given to him by his late father. After finishing up a job with a hitchhiker, a bridge and a whole lot of guilt he heads to Thunder Bay for the mysterious Anna. One of his informants has told him of the tale and he knows he can’t let her continue killing. Apparently she kills anyone that dares to enter her house, however when Cas gets hold of the bad end of a situation and is left bleeding in the house, he somehow walks out alive. He knows that there must be something about Anna that makes her kill, and it’s his job to find out what and why.

Anna is by far the best part of this book though, i mean who else can rip someone in half with there own (ghostly) hands? From the description i somehow expected her to roll over and just become a meek ghost who Cas doesn’t want to kill. With her pale skin and black inky hair, she just seemed so small and frail. Boy was i wrong, she definitely needs something done to her as she’s crazy and bloodthirsty and just plain murderous. But is she doing these things by choice? Or is there much bigger forces at work here?

I really enjoyed the story and the vivid imagery that Kendare Blake has left all over the place, when Cas first goes down into that Basement you can almost feel like you are there with him. The plot is very interesting, i really like the tv show Supernatural, and i feel that this book almost encompasses some of the main principles of the show. Also the way in which someone is disposed of so quickly into the story makes it a tale you will never forget. Cas was an alright character, however Anna is definitely to one to take the spotlight, she was just so ‘scary’ and ‘creepy’ and awesome. You can tell she’s not a normal ghost. I wasn’t as keen on the side characters, mainly because i didn’t feel like they were really needed and it cut out on the amount of Anna-time in the book. However they all seemed very cheery and could have been alot worse. I would recommend this book for people that want a good ghost story, fans of the tv show Supernatural and those that just want to read about a homicidal girl dripping with blood.

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