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Day 1 – Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge

So i stumbled onto Parajunkee‘s blog today and saw her Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge which runs for the first 14 days of the year. I really want to participate in more bloggy events this year and this is definitely a good way to start. This year so far has been incredible and i’m so happy that i jumped the gun and actually started blogging and participating, i just want to ensure this carries on to next year. So for today we have to talk about our 2014 Blogger Resolutions, i have quite a few. They are:

1. Commenting.

I started off ok, however as the end of the year creeped closer i got worse and worse at replying to comments and checking out the blogs of the people leaving the comments. This is definitely a priority for this year and i’ll be checking out a whole lot more blogs and comments! Also just finding posts i like and commenting on them.

2. I want to publish more ‘discussion’ type posts. 

I read a few this year and it’s really interesting to see what people are actually thinking and their thoughts and opinions on important topics. I definitely want to give this a go this year after posting a grand total of 0 discussion posts in 2013. Hopefully i can find some fun, insightful topics to talk about!

3. Tone down my Netgalley requests.

I requested way too many books from Netgalley in 2013 and some of these got archived because i never got around to reading them on time. If i commit to requesting a book i should be able to read it regardless and therefore i will be being much pickier in which books i request this year. I want to bump up my feedback score as well so this may help with that.

4. Read at least 100 books in 2014. 

I ended up reviewing a total of 49 books in 2013, i didn’t quite reach my goal of 50, however since i only started at the end of August i think 100 books is definitely doable next year. This number may be changed depending on how well i’m doing and how much uni work is given to me.

5. Post more consistently. 

I had some weeks where it felt like i posted lots and then some weeks that followed suffered and hardly had anything, i want to stick to a more consistent schedule so people know what to expect on certain days.

6. Design.

I want to make my blog appear more appealing and change up my design a bit more often, i’m aware of my lack of design skills and want to try and improve that for next year or even commission a blog layout from somebody.

7. Get more involved in the community.

I know a couple of bloggers but i don’t really feel that i know anyone particularly well and want to change that and make lots of blogging friends next year, so am planning on using twitter a lot more and possibly joining some groups on goodreads etc. (if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for this, please let me know!)

8. Do something about my TBR pile.

I just keep letting more and more books pile up and i need to start reading the ones i already have instead of buying more and more new books. I may also host a couple of giveaways for books that i have multiple copies of or no longer need.

9. Write my review straight away. 

This year i had so many books that i read and then didn’t review for ages, so by the time i actually came to reviewing them i had a stack of books piled up needing to be reviewed and a worse memory of what actually happened in the story. I definitely want to keep on top of this this year and hopefully will be able to.

10. Change my review style. 

I don’t really like the way in which i review books currently and want to add a bit more depth into my reviews. I basically, just want to be able to write better reviews that will help inform people more about the book than mine currently do.

I’ll probably think of more resolutions soon but these are the current 10 i can think of, what are your resolutions?

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14 thoughts on “Day 1 – Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge

  1. I’m way behind reviews at the moment, so I definitely should have added something about writing reviews right away! I’ve been cleaning up my TBR pile this week, although I think I need to work on the digital side, cleaning up my Kindle. Lots of great goals!

    My Blogging Resolutions

    1. I think we may have joined the same TBR challenge if it’s the one hosted by bookish? Have a great year to you too!

  2. I’m with you on the Netgalley thing…I requested a few too many and even though I read them, I kind of forgot to then go post the review to them…

    Good luck!

    1. I really hope i can stick to them but not sure, however that is one of my top priority goals so hopefully we’ll both be able to stick to it. Hope you had a Happy New Year! 🙂

    1. Sorry for the late reply, and thanks 🙂 They’re not quite all working as planned but definitely enjoying the year 🙂

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