My Bout of Books Goals!

Bout of Books
Right so, i posted my sign up post for this read-a-thon a few days ago and thought i still had loads of time left. However the days crept nearer and nearer and the Read-a-Thon starts tomorrow! It’s definitely time for the goal’s post to go up!
Goals for the Week
– Read at least a book a day (7+ in total)
– Read at least 2 Netgalley books
– Read at least 2 Christmas-gifted books
– Read a book related to one of my yearly challenges
– Post at least 2 reviews during the week
Right so the day after this challenge finishes i’m off skiing so need to prepare for posts that week to go up as well. Hopefully it’ll work :S.
Β What are your goals for the challenge?

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4 thoughts on “My Bout of Books Goals!

  1. I want to start as I mean to go on this year! I am taking part in this too!

    Good luck with 7 books a day. I will be trying to do that as well! πŸ™‚

    Good luck and I will keep an eye for your wrap up! xxx

    1. Good luck to you too! And 7 books a DAY?!?! i’m definitely not planning that i’m afraid, i wouldn’t have any time to sleep. Good luck to you though if your going for this! Thanks will be checking your posts too!

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