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Impostor by Susanne Winnacker

I was drawn to Impostor for the cover, with the pretty girl(s) and the change in appearance between the two sides, however the actually story isn’t as nice or pretty as the cover makes it appear. But in a good way.

Tessa is not your average teenage girl, one touch and she has the ability to take on your appearance as her own. It was too much for her family and she in now in the care of the Forces with Extraordinary Abilities (FEA) with other people that possess unexplainable talents. Variants, they are called. They are trained in combat and have their skills honed in order to carry out missions as a branch of the FBI. There missions almost exclusively cater for incidents were other variants are thought to have been involved and as such are dangerous to the unexperienced. Tessa has been with the FEA for the past two years and is about to take on her first mission in the outside world. Leaving behind her best friend and roommate, Holly. A girl who has almost, but not quite, mastered the art of invisibility. Alec, a guy with incredible strength and also Tessa’s longtime crush and Kate, Alec’s girlfriend and the girl that can read another female’s mind by looking her into the eyes, she wonders why she has been chosen instead of some of the others. However she may not be as alone as she thinks.

A string of murders have been occurring in a small town in Oregon and Tessa is to take the place of Madison, a girl that is about to die due to the extent of her injuries. When Tessa takes her place an overwhelming feeling of guilt kicks in for fooling Madison’s family and twin into thinking that she is alright, when they will never get to see their daughter again. However the longer she stays with them, the more she realises how a real family operates and she craves the ‘normal life’ Madison was able to have. However Madison was hiding lots of things for her family and friends and will Tessa be able to piece her world together before the killer comes back to strike again?

I really enjoyed the idea behind the book and felt like Susanne approached the idea of the abilities really well. Also i found most of the characters really relatable and thoroughly enjoying reading about why they are where they are and what they plan to do in the future. I wish we’d seen more of Holly, i felt like she was built up very well at the beginning of the book and then not really carried forward. Hopefully we will find out more about her in the second book in the series. I wasn’t as keen on Alec and kind of wished Tessa + Madison’s Twin (i will remember his name at some point and add it here) would get together. Though not whilst she was Madison because that would be creepy. I also didn’t really understand why Alec and Kate were together and felt like that could have been explained a bit better.

I really liked Tessa’s character building and loved the changes she was going through whilst she was Madison and her internal debate about what the right thing to do is and her opinions on the people Madison knew. Overall, this is a great light sci-fi/YA novel, perfect for those that love novels that have people with different abilities in and those that like X-Men type powers. I would highly recommend this story and cannot wait to get my hands on the next in the series. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Impostor by Susanne Winnacker

    1. Sorry for the late reply and thank you. I really enjoyed this book and am currently debating picking up the next in the series. The only thing holding me off is the size of my TBR pile 🙂

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