Hi to anyone that may happen to be reading this,

I realise that i suck big time for just disappearing for nearly a month with little to no explanation. However i was getting overwhelmed with blogging and it was starting to affect my actual work and reading was starting to become a chore (something i never want to happen). So i decided to stop for at least a while and just focus on uni work and not blogging. However i have definitely missed this and am planning on coming back sometime soon. I have lots of deadlines in the next couple of weeks so i might not be fully back for a while (until easter break) and then exam season comes around, which i may be a bit touchy for. So i have decided to just post when i have a post ready instead of trying to stick to a schedule and am not going to commit to any blog tours as i do not want to let anyone down. Hopefully there will be a (proper) new post from me soon. I haven’t read anything (apart from boring journal articles) in over a month and cannot wait to start reading properly again. Sorry if i disappointed or let anyone down as that is the last thing i wanted to do.

Thanks for reading,



2 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. There is something in the water. This is happening a lot at the minute.

    To be honest, I have been in the same. I have been using my tumblr, instagram, Goodreads and twitter a lot more for books and blogging. I am considering just sticking to those and leaving my blog for good!

    Do what ever is best for you my dear. When reading became a chore for me last year (still not over it yet:/) It upset me more than anything. There is nothing worse! x

    1. Sorry for the late reply! It happened again after this and i’m currently working on trying to get back on the saddle. I completely agree, i definitely don’t want reading to become a chore.

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