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Unenchanted by Chanda Hahn

Fairy Tale Retellings are definitely a favourite of mine and this book did not disappoint. Mina Grime(Grimm) is just an ordinary, if not clumsy girl, trying to get through high school with as little drama as possible. However, drama just seems to find her, between animals chasing her down the street and nearly accidentally killing/saving the most popular boy (Brody) in school, there shouldn’t be much else that could go wrong in Mina’s life, right? Wrong, as is found out fairly early on in the story Mina is cursed but this is not a normal everyday curse, this is what forced the original Brothers Grimm to encounter all the tales in their famous fairytale book. But they didn’t complete every tale set out for them and ever since, the descendants of the Grimm’s are forced to try and complete over 200 tales in order to free their family from the horrible curse. And the story now has a mind of it’s own, it want’s  the descendants to succeed to a certain level, however it doesn’t want them to complete every tale as then the next generation would no longer have to carry on fulfilling the curse and that would be no fun. Follow Mina as she tries to save her brother from having to go through this all after her.

This book was fairly enjoyable and the characters were all fairly relatable, being very clumsy and not part of the popular crowd. However Mina did seem slightly weak and it would have been nice to see her grow when the curse was thrust upon her or some improvement and not relying on everyone else in the book. Her best friend, Nan, has a very unhealthy obsession with technology to the point that she never seems to not be tweeting or texting. As a result we never really got to see the real Nan and it would have been nice to develop her character slightly more. Jared was another character introduced about halfway through the story and seemed a little bit O.P (overpowered) and just kind of saved Mina from most of the trouble, leaving her not really doing much herself. Also when Brody seemed to take an interest in her just because she saved his life was slightly strange, i mean, i understand you’d want to thank the person. But you don’t start trying to stalk them and dump your girlfriend and friends just for her.

Don’t get me wrong, the paragraph above may sound like i had lots of problems with the book. And i did, however there were also other parts of the story that i loved and i would not let the above put me off recommending the book to people that want to read a really interesting retake of The Brother’s Grimm Tales. I really like the way that the tales have been incorporated in the story and the way that Mina has to battle her way through them in order to save her family. I wish some of the tales were explained or maybe referenced in a bit more detail however they are fun to read and this is definitely a book that those that love reading fairy tale retellings should check out!

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4 thoughts on “Unenchanted by Chanda Hahn

  1. As a kid, I never read fairytales or watched a single Disney movie (a crime, I’m sure). But lately, I’ve heard mention of so many retellings that I’ve been gravitating towards them. I have this one on my Kindle, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Thanks for encouraging me to read it soon with this review! So glad you enjoyed it!

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