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Gerard’s Beauty by Marie Hall

Gerard’s Beauty follows where Her Mad Hatter left off. There’s a short mention of Alice and Hatter being happy at the beginning, however you don’t really hear about them in this book as this is all about Gerard’s story. This book also contains a lot less sex than the previous book, probably mainly for a reason that you will discover quite early on in the story. But i won’t spoil anything for you ;).

Gerard is one of the biggest womanisers in Kingdom, however this time he has gone too far. Danika is forced to seek him out and send him to earth in order to try and protect him when he was caught with his pants down with the daughter of Prince Charming. Danika gives him the name of his “perfect match” however he no longer believes in love and only uses women for one thing since Belle broke his heart. Yes Belle, from Beauty and the Beast.  Belle and Gerard were meant to be together, however it turn’s out that Gerard and the Head Godmother, Galeta may have had a bit of a falling out and Gerard’s story was rewritten, with Belle choosing the Beast and his money over Gerard. Ever since Gerard has been unable to trust women with his emotions, especially smart women (as Belle was smart) and has gone for the dumb and willing type. However it doesn’t seem like that will fly for long as the women that Danika has chosen for his is none other than:

Betty Hart is a librarian in a small town that is done with men after a painful breakup that has left her ex’s current girlfriend (Gretchen) leaving threatening voicemails on her phone. She also has a bit of a thing for anime and attends regular LARP conventions dressed up as characters from comic books. She also looks after her down-syndrome nephew for her brother when he has had a long day at work and they have lots of fun together. The last thing that Betty wants at that moment in time is a man. However when Gerard turns up at her library beat up and stinking of alcohol, she is slightly intrigued and after seeing him sitting outside the library for over a day takes him home to give him a home cooked meal, shower and clean clothes to change into. What she ends up getting is so much more…

I really enjoyed the second book in the Kingdom series and have already purchased the remaining three and plan on finishing them soon. I really like the different directions that the books seem to be going and the ways in which the fairy tale characters are perceived. I would highly recommend this book for any fans of fairytale retellings and this series in general!

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2 thoughts on “Gerard’s Beauty by Marie Hall

  1. I read and enjoyed The Mad Hatter last year so I’ve had my eye on the rest of the Kingdom books. I think I got the fifth book as a freebie last week, but I need to get this one soon. I love the premise of focusing on the villains and seeing them get their HEA. Great review!

    1. I grabbed the 5th book as a freebie last week too, then decided to splurge and got the remaining 3 in the middle. I really enjoyed book 2 and have started reading book 3 and wow, that is really different (in a good way). Also i definitely agree, it’s really nice to see some of the perceived villains being Happy. Especially when they’re not as villainous as it appears 🙂

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