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Runes by Ednah Walters

Wow, Runes was so much better than i expected. I went straight out and bought (and proceed to read) the second book after reading this so apologies if my thoughts seem a bit jumbled at times.

Everything that Raine believed was real and ordinary in her life changes the moment that Torin St. James moves next door. His distracting and frustrating nature leads Raine to hit her neighbours custom made mailbox and she’s already late for school. However he offers to help her and when she comes home the mailbox seems exactly the same as before, how could he have bought and replaced the box in one day? Other things that start happening make Raine question if there is something strange going on with the sexy neighbour with the blinding blue eyes. However she has bigger issues to deal with, her team needs her to focus on swimming for the upcoming meets and her best friends Cora and Eirik still don’t seem to be able to get along. When a group of foreign exchange students arrive that seem to know Torin strange things start happening and people start dying, Raine seems to be the only one that notices something strange about them. Will she be able to stop whatever’s coming?

I really loved Raine as a main character, she’s very aloof as to what’s going on at first and more focused on trying to make Eirik her boyfriend, however for the second half of the book she’s pretty awesome and i really like the way that she deals with the impossible situations she’s put into.

I have to admit i wasn’t as keen on Cora for the first part of the book, she seems to just use Raine for her computer and not be as good a friend as she could be. However this is soon cleared up and you realise that her and Raine are great friends and that you were mistaken at the beginning.

Eirik is also kind of interesting, however he is definitely overshadowed by the lovely Torin. He and Raine definitely seem better off as best friends then a couple.

Torin is one of my new favourite characters in a series, he just seems awesome and tries to keep Raine away from the trouble that she doesn’t understand. And when it’s too late he tries to let her know of what may be coming in the only way that he can.

I really enjoyed the use of Norse mythology in this series, i haven’t really seen many books with this involved and it definitely made it stand out and the story became much more interesting after certain facts were revealed.

Runes is really well written and once you get stuck into the book it is nearly impossible to pull away from, i read the first two books back to back because i needed to know what happened after the cliffhanger of an ending of Runes. I would highly recommend this book to any fan of mythology within books and just anyone that likes a slightly different read to the current stream of the same books we have going on at the moment.

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2 thoughts on “Runes by Ednah Walters

    1. Sorry for the late reply! As soon as i finished this book i went straight onto the second and the third wasn’t out at the time but i cannot wait to read it as well 🙂

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