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Today the FUN IN THE SUN Read-a-thon for COYER begins. It runs 4th July-6th July and the aim is to read as many books with “summer related activities” on the cover as possible. The full description:

Read books with beach or ocean/lake/etc or some sort of summer activity on the cover. Get in the summer vacation mood. When you finish a book do a general update with a link that you can put on the Rafflecopter. Example – on Goodreads you could write: “Great, cute book! 4 stars! Full review coming soon!” and that would count. (For COYER participants, just do something quick and then update with full review for COYER linky)

I’ve gone through my TBR pile and only found about 6 books that i think qualify for this read-a-thon and my aim is to read at least three of them (one a day) however if i can get through all six it would be fantastic. Below i am posting the potential six books i will be reading over the next three days. I’ll be posting daily updates on how the reading is going and how far i’ve gotten and will try and post reviews to the books i read now next week! So, without further delay here are the books i think qualify as including dome sort of summer activity on the cover, let me know if you agree or disagree with any!

the mind readers The Troop Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea hopes decree All My life Deep Blue

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