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Top Ten Tuesday (19)

top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a Weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, where each week a topic is given and we have to reply with ten answers.

This Week’s Question: Top Ten Authors I Own the Most Books from:

This is a question that i’ve been wondering myself for a while but been too lazy to tally up. Luckily i’ve just uploaded all of the books i own onto my goodreads shelf which should make it easier than physically going through. Some i’m already aware of who they’ll be, others will be surprising and interesting, definitely looking forward to finding it out 🙂

10. C.S. Lewis/Rachel Caine/Rachel Vincent/Marie Hall – 7 books

My 10th place came to a 4 way tie, i thought about trying to narrow it down and pick one, but i could choose so included them all 🙂 Obviously C.S. Lewis is his Narnia series, these were probably one of the first series i really got into as a child and can say that they really influenced my love for reading. Rachel Caine’s 7 books are from her Weather Warden series, i really enjoyed this series and it was something a bit different from anything i’d seen before and i would really recommend it! Rachel Vincent’s 7 are her Stray series and the first Soul Screamers book (which i still have to read). I have 5 of Marie Hall’s Kingdom series, plus Crimson Night and A Moment. 🙂

9. Julie Kagawa – 8 books

Her Iron Fey series really rekindled my love of all things faerie and i was so happy when she revealed her Call of the Forgotten series 🙂 I also enjoyed the first Blood of Eden book and need to look more into the series as a whole 🙂

8. Kelley Armstrong – 9 books

I really enjoyed her Women of the Underworld series when i first started reading it and got 7 books in, but i’m not really sure what happened after that, i’m definitely planning on re-reading them and hoping to continue the series longer than before. I enjoyed The awakening as well and again am unsure why i stopped the series so you may hear more about that soon! I’m also looking forward to starting Sea of Shadows, which should arrive any day now 🙂

7. Cassandra Clare – 9 books

The Mortal Instruments series made me love reading again at a time where i stopped for some unknown reason. I love both the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series and would highly recommend them as a great urban fantasy to anyone interested in that genre. Now i need to get off my lazy butt and actually read City of Heavenly Fire, i just don’t want it to end!

6. Keri Arthur – 10 books

I had no idea that i owned this many of her books, but when i counted her Riley Jensen series has 9 books and i also have the first of the Circle of Fire series which equals ten. I have got to say that the Riley Jensen series is probably one of my favourite of all time, the changes that Riley goes through and the choices she makes are great to watch and you really feel for her when some of the things happen, but she gets right back to it and deals with it in the best way possible. Definitely would recommend as a shifter series, (not so much a vampire one, because if you go into it with that mindset you will be confused ).

5. Lemony Snicket – 13 books

I wonder if anyone can guess which 13 books i own…ok it’s very obvious, however i thoroughly enjoyed his books when i was younger and they all look so nice sitting together on my shelf 🙂 It’s just a shame about the movie…

4. L. J. Smith – 13 books

L.J. Smith was an unexpected one, mainly because i own bound up versions of her books so it looks like there are less than there are. However i own the first four books in the Vampire Diaries Series, the three (4, depending on how you count them) books of the Secret Circles series and 6 books of the Night World series.

3. Cate Tiernan – 14 books

All 14 books are part of her Sweep series, a series about a witch who is unaware of her heritage and what she can do. This was one of my favourite series when i was around 13, however i’m pretty sure that if i re-read it know it would still remain to be a firm favourite. I re-read this series so many times and could not recommend it highly enough. If your looking for a series with witches look no further.

2. Meg Cabot – 15 books

I don’t read much of Meg nowadays however when i was younger i loved her Mediator and 1-800-Where-Are-You series, plus a couple of her other books and she definitely deserves to have a high place on this list. Especially considering i hadn’t even thought about including her until it came time to count.

1. Laurell K. Hamilton – 24 books

I knew that this one would win before counting for the challenge. Just one of her series is the same as the next highest number of books, it’s crazy. I own 15 of the Anita Blake series, 8 of the Merry Gentry series and Nightseer, a lot of people know her as the author that has a lot of sex in her books and i’m not going to lie, yes there is, a lot. However what really drew me into both series’ was the plot that ran throughout and i thoroughly enjoyed. Anita Blake definitely got way too over sexualised and i ended up getting to book 13 maybe before stopping reading, Merry does but it has more of a purpose to the book. That’s my opinion anyways, if you have any opinions on the matter let me know 🙂

I guess i shouldn’t be surprised about the dominant effect series had in this list, however there are a few authors that i wish had been featured however i own less of their books than i thought and that shall hopefully soon be rectified. All in all there were a few surprises on the list but in total close to what i expected 🙂

What are your top ten this week?

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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (19)

  1. I love Julie Kagawa’s books! I only have two at the minute, but that’ll have to change soon. I really need to continue on with The Iron Fey series, loved The Iron King. I’ve got two of Cassandra Clare’s as well, but I’ve only read City of Bones and need to continue on with City of Ashes as soon as I can. Great list!

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed them both and would definitely recommend carrying on with those two series. And also trying the Infernal Devices series once you get past book 3 of the mortal instruments. Sorry for the late reply!

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