Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday (25)

top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a Weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, where each week a topic is given and we have to reply with ten answers.

This Week’s Question: Ten Book Related Problems I Have (could be serious or fun!)

This was a tricky one to answer, mainly for figuring out which problems i actually wanted to admit to myself. However was a lot of fun to do and learn about myself. Hopefully now that i’m aware of all these i can try and behave a bit more sensibly!

10. Forgetting all about the e-books

I am always forgetting about all the books i have in pdf format and on my kindle because they’re not right in front of me. It’s slightly easier now with my Kindle Paperwhite where i can see the covers of the e-books, but i have so many books on there that i’ve been really excited about, but just forgotten because i don’t have it in physical format. It’s bad…

9. Owning a series of books of different editions 

I have a couple of series in which the cover design changes throughout and for the later books in the series i may have the hardcover which doesn’t match with the paperbacks from earlier. It drives me absolutely crazy. I’ve had to rebuy a few books to get them to match. Anyone else have this problem?

8. Spending too much time reading

Yes, i know that you can never really spend too much time reading, but i have so much uni work that i have to get done that very often i feel like reading isn’t something i should be doing. Or if i want to read i should read one of those *exciting* journal articles to put into my dissertation. Hopefully when i graduate i’ll feel less bad, though if i get my PhD place that’ll be another 3 years of guilt ridden reading.

7. Judging a book by its cover…

I definitely judge books by their covers. I know its bad to do and i miss out on a lot of great books by doing so, however i just can’t help it. A great cover will immediately attract me to look at the book and see if the plot is something i’m interested in, however for books with ugly covers i often have to get recommendations from friends to get me to  see if they captivate my attention.

6. Waiting between books in a series

Whenever i read the first book in a series that i enjoy i will rush to goodreads to find out when the next book is coming out/if its already out. Most of the time i get lucky and can continue reading straight away, but occasionally (and more and more often now) you have to wait a year or longer for the next book to be released. During this time i can forget major plot points from the initial books and won’t want to read the next book until i have re-read the series. However i will then feel bad re-reading as i have so many other books that i still need to read and this can lead in an even longer wait to carrying on the initial series.

5. Falling in Love with the Plot only to read the book…

I will often read the plot to a book and make my mind up on whether i will enjoy it or not. However more and more recently i have found myself getting extremely excited over a new book release, only to be extremely disappointed and frustrated with the author as to how they’ve gone about weaving their tale. It almost seems like from the plot i make up a scenario in my mind and expect the book to relate. Hopefully this will not continue in 2015!

4. Overhyped Books (similar(ish) to above)

I’ll quite often be found following the recommendations of other book bloggers/reviewers/friends. It’s always really saddening to get to a book that everyone says you will really love and just not enjoy it. Maybe it’s due to the overhyping, of seeing it everywhere and impatiently waiting for the release. This is luckily still the minority though, most books that have bee “overhyped” to me i still really enjoy and really hope it stays this way!

3. Netgalley Addiction

Netgalley can be a wonderful wonderful place, however when you first get it you definitely request way more books than you actually want to read. This results in a pile up of books that you have little interest in but should still review as a courtesy to the publisher for accepting your request. You may also see books that other people have been accepted for that may look interesting initially, however when you receive it you realise it isn’t really for you. Please do your research and make sure the books your requesting you are actually interested in. I know i wish i had!

2. My TBR pile is crushing me 😛

I have 184 books currently in my TBR pile…yes that was 184. That’s ridiculous! It doesn’t keep me from adding more books as well. Also there are always going to be new releases or review requests, so unless you stop buying books/accepting reviews for probably 2 years (and thats if you read an average of 92 books a year) you won’t be able to get it down completely. I’m going to stick with trying to slowly chisel it down over time. Lots and lots of time…

1. Book Budgeting

This was always going to be my number one problem, no matter what. I can be extremely bad at showing restraint in buying books. If there is one i want, i will try and get my hands on it as soon as possible. If not it can make me feel sad and pine for said book. I’ve gotten better this year trying to keep my book budget for the month. Hopefully this will eventually be less of a problem!

Bit more blabble

What are your top ten this week?

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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (25)

  1. I’m SO with you on these! I laughed at the changing series’ designs, that bugs me so much but I wouldn’t go out and buy a new one – I’ll just quietly fume! I also forget about NetGalley books when I’ve downloaded them – I know they’re there, but I forget what they’re about, and why I wanted them in the first place! And I UTTERLY, always judge books by covers – to the extent where I go, this looks like my kind of book even though I know NOTHING about it! Oh, and don’t mention TBR piles – I’m just glad I’m not the only one in treble figures…SUCH a good list, bravo!

  2. Great list! I hate owning a series in different editions; then they don’t look all pretty anymore. I also hate overhyped books because they usually end up disappointing me. My TBR pile is massive too, so I definitely understand! Thanks for sharing. I’m a new follower. 🙂
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. That’s the exact reason that i don’t like the different editions, they don’t look like they belong together on the shelve and they do! Thanks for stopping by and commenting and following!

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