Fanciful Cover Friday

Fanciful Cover Friday (1)


Fanciful Cover Friday is a weekly meme hosted here at Fanciful Fictions. Each week a new theme will be released and then it is our job to find our favourite covers based on the theme and share them with others.

This week’s theme is: LONG HAIR

I’m liking the theme, i currently have a list of enough themes for a year and just used a random number generator to choose the first couple to start with. I’m hoping to get at least one Rapunzel retelling in here because it’s long hair. We’ll see how it goes

1. My Name Is Rapunzel by KC Hilton

5.5"X8.5" Post Card Template

I’m very happy to get a Rapunzel retelling into this theme, her hair is both the focus and not the focus due to it being tied up. However it’s very pretty and i like that, plus i definitely couldn’t braid my hair like that.

2. Fury by Elizabeth Miles


This cover immediately stood out to me, the hair is the main focus of the cover and it almost looks like it’s transforming into flames, which is cool. I really like the red hair against the white dress and think the cover is nicely tied up.

3. Towering by Alex Flinn


Yay, another Rapunzel retelling! I really like the entirety of this cover, Rapunzel looking off into the distance, the crumbling tower in the background and most of all her hair. It definitely stands out and captures your attention, it looks so healthy! I just really like this cover 🙂

What are your picks for this week? Link up below!

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