Review Policy

General Information

My email address for review requests is:

I am currently accepting both YA and Adult books in the following genres:

– Fantasy

– Dystopian

– Mystery

– Horror

– Fairy tale retellings

– Romance (Not Erotica)

– Sci Fi

– Paranormal

I am not interested in any of the following genres:

– Christian or any Religion

– Non- fiction

– Biographies

– Political

– Poetry

– Self help

If your book does not fall into any of the above categories, give me an email and i’ll let you know if i’ll review it.

I am not interested in audiobooks and if the book is part of a series i will either need to have previously read that series, or also receive copies of the previous books.

Accepting Books

If i have accepted your book i will do my very best to read it and books that i have received for review go at the top of my reading pile. I will always include the books i receive in my Showcase Sunday posts, however if i really disliked the book i may not post a review if it would be harmful to the books release. I will never lie in my reviews and always give my honest opinion.


I will try to review every book that i finish within a timely manner and if a specific date has been specified, i will do my best to meet those requirements. If you need me to review a book for a certain date, i ask that you give me at the very least 1 month to read the book and post my review as i may have other books waiting. I have both an Amazon and Goodreads account and will post my reviews on there as well as this blog.

I will always give honest reviews and will not take any form of payment for reviews i write. If i did not enjoy a book, i will not write nasty comments about the book or author, but try and explain why the book wasn’t to my liking and try to include people who may enjoy this book so that my review doesn’t put them off.

My reviews will always include:

Book Cover and Stats

The author

Where i received the book from

A summary (normally from goodreads)

My review

A star rating (discussed below)

A quote (let me know if you don’t want a quote included)

My Rating System


5 Stars – Amazing, couldn’t put the book down!


4 Stars – Pretty damn good, am happy to have read.


3 Stars – Just ok, nothing special about this book, but nothing particularly bad either


2 Stars – Flawed, this book could use some serious work


1 Star – No, couldn’t finish the book, please don’t bother


I may also use half stars, as shown above, for books that fall into the middle of two categories

Giveaways and Interviews

If you want to host a giveaway or partake in an interview on this blog i will be more than happy to oblige.

For giveaways i will require:

-Title and Author of the book

-Format (ARC, finished, e-galley etc.)

– Run time of giveaway

– Shipping requirements (International, just US, just UK etc.)

– Any additional information

For interviews i will require an email address to which i can direct my questions.

Thanks for reading, don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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